Since 2008 CIBV publishes the “Sprinkler Statistics”. Annually, details about the operation of certified sprinkler systems in the Netherlands are compiled based on figures from the fire sprinkler industry and the insurance industry.

CIBV has carefully compiled the data however depends on the data provided. The data is provided by sprinkler contractors (approved by CIBV) and by inspection bodies that have signed a license with CIBV.

Starting 2009, the Sprinkler Statistics are also available translated in English.

Each year the Sprinkler Statistics show the benefits of a certified sprinkler system. Certification is a guarantee that the sprinkler system operates as expected. 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week a certified sprinkler system is ready to keep a fire under control or to extinguish a fire in its early stage.

Download the Sprinkler Statistics: